Your health is important to us!

Did you wake up with a low-grade fever this morning? Has a rash suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

Text4Health is a texting service available to all Brad Hall employees, their spouse and dependents that puts you in touch with a real doctor and nurse when you aren’t sure if you need or make a trip to the doctor, or if you want more information or advice about a health issue, medication or learn more about preventative care. Through texting and sending pictures and videos, the doctors and nurses who are available 10am-10pm MST can help assess your situation, answer health and medical-related questions or concerns and determine your next steps.

Always call 911 in case of an emergency.

Of course, you should always call 911 if you are having a medical emergency and the Brad Hall Text4Health resource is not a substitute for an actual doctor visit. But it is a wonderful resource to ask questions and receive informed advice, answers and help when you need it. So instead of waiting or worrying about that stomachache or sore throat, send a text with your healthcare questions to the Text4Health line and let the doctors and nurses put your mind at ease and get you the care you need.

Text4Health FAQs

What it is?

A medical advice line that is FREE to all employees, and can be utilized from 10am-10pm MST. This free service is designed to help employees decide whether or not they need to be seen by a doctor and to address basic medical needs and questions.

Who is it for?

All Brad Hall employees and their spouse/dependents within the US. This is available in ALL states. At this time all employees are eligible to utilize this service.

What it is NOT?

This text line, while answered by doctors and nurses, is not a substitute for an actual doctors visit. No medicine can be prescribed through this text service. This is not medical treatment. This is a text only line, no phone calls can be made to this number.

How to use it?

Text the number (208) 502- 4879 any day from 10am – 10pm MST, and state your name and the company you work for. Ask any medical questions you may have.

Other FAQ?

-This text line can receive videos and images, such as for inquiries about a rash.
-If a text discussion merits a phone call, the nurse or provider corresponding with the employee can initiate a phone call but will do so through another line.