Get ready for some fun!  For the first time, every Store Manager and District Manager will be invited to Idaho Falls for an experience.  That experience will include interaction with other managers, sharing good practices, instruction and learning, entertainment, and a lot more surprises.  More details to come but set aside April 4-7.  See you there!

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A $200 referral bonus will be paid to any individual who refers a candidate that is hired. Bonus is paid after the employee has been with the company for 90 days and it is the referring employee’s responsibility to send an email request to [email protected] This bonus is only available for hourly employees. Referrals are also submitted to [email protected] and must be received before the candidate applies for the job

Travel Reimbursement for Re-assigned Employee

If a manager or district leader/coach assigns an employee to work at a different store that is further away from the employees house than their assigned store, that employee is eligible for up to 1 month of mileage reimbursement. Mileage is calculated from the home store to the new store, not from the Employees home to the new store. During that month, the manager is expected to hire or train another individual so that continuous travel is not an issue. All mileage reimbursement must be detailed and include the mileage and trip information for each day traveled. Mileage is submitted to [email protected] and a reimbursement check will come to you in the mail. Mileage reimbursement may vary but depends on the current IRS rate.


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